Oatmeal, Ginger and Pure Honey Facial soap (65g)

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Handmade organic Facial soap. 100% Thai herbs and ingredients - natural toner with high moisture content.

 Glycerin soaps are considered to be one of the most moisturizing types of soap. The unique quality of this type of soap allows it to be both moisturizing and effective for all different kinds of skin. The benefits of glycerin soap help your skin become healthy and moisturized


  • treats skin with abnormalities.
  • skin becomes soft with a radiant shine.
  • absorbs excess fat and impurities.
  • full of Vit B  Vit E great for allergic skin.
  • contains beta glucan which helps to keep skin healthy.
  • restores the nourishment in our skin


  • ginger contains microbes which reduce and shrinks bad bacteria and can be used on all skin types
  • anti-inflammatory / anti-oxidant and a natural disinfectant. Reduces dark spots from acne and reduces pain
  • creates smooth and healthy skin by draining the dirt from the skin
  • assists in damage caused by sunbathing and softens dry skin
  • can be used on all skin types.

 Pure Honey

  • refreshes, moisturizes and brightens our skin. Completely natural
  • has natural antioxidants which slows down and prevent wrinkles
  • accelerates tissue regeneration
  • rich in enzymes that have anti-fungal properties. Reduces bacterial infection, redness, prickliness and infections

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